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Dawn Dominic

Having left a high profile corporate career of 20+ years due to Cancer, Dawn used her artistic talents to move forward. A keen interest in Sculpture initially created some inspiring creations in metal, ceramics, stone and ‘breeze bloc’, which has since manifested itself in 3D Glass Art.

Dawn uses natural, man-made and recycled materials as they are found or more importantly given, such as stone, breezeblock, cement, plaster, wood, metals, clay, bottles, window glass….


Dawn’s inspiration comes from being able to capture the emotional female form that shows change, perceptions and societal expectations. Often gained through personal experience as well as through observations, this is also influenced by commission requests and the look and feel of the materials being used. This is further coloured by perceptive insights of ‘knowing’ people that has been gained through an extensive career in customer facing roles, as well as her own transition from corporate professional to practising artist.


Dawn is an active member of Art Platform Collective, as well as the Hertfordshire Visual Arts (HVA) Sculpture Group, and participates in the HVA Open Studios, and shows at various exhibitions and demonstration events across the Home Counties.

Dawn’s work currently resides in Australia, France, Holland and across the UK.

Clematis 2012 fused glass, wire, wood
Oak Man 2012 stoneware, wood, wire
Me, Myself, I 2009 sand cast crystal glass
Peace in Sleep 2012 stonewear, wood
Crazy 2012 fused glass, steel, wire
Memories 2010 plaster, paint, wood
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